Vaccinated! Next, Why Should You Take Nutrition Seriously?

Vaccinated! Next, Why Should You Take Nutrition Seriously - Mirakle Life

As the world deals with the aftermath of the pandemic, the importance of a healthy diet & a well-functional immune system became clear. “Prevention is better than cure” is an adage that holds true in this situation.

Now that the worst is finally behind us (or at least one hopes so!), we are gradually going back to life as we knew it. Being vaccinated might tempt us to slack off, but we can’t afford to be complacent just yet. This doesn’t guard us against the other threats that are omnipresent in our atmosphere. We have to stay on our toes and look after ourselves. But there’s only so much one can do. Going out is unavoidable and it’s a risk we must take. Our safest bet is to boost our immunity by giving our body the right kind of nutrition even after being vaccinated.

Getting vaccinated was the first big step. The next is to improve your nutrition.

We have to be persistent about switching to a healthier diet. Good nutrition is beneficial to prevent an infection. Additionally, it also helps in quicker treatment and faster recovery by supplying the body with ample energy and nutrients. Your eating habits reveal a lot about your health. A clean diet means that you’re less likely to fall ill.

Now that we’ve understood eating healthy is key, you might be wondering how you can maintain a healthy diet.

You need to pay special attention to your daily nutrient intake. A good nutritious plan reduces the risks of chronic diseases and contributes to better well-being. Nutrients facilitate growth & repair within the body.

Immunity-Boosting Foods

  1. You can revive & rejuvenate the good gut bacteria with probiotic food such as Yogurt & pickles. Fermented food is also a great source of probiotics and helps you get a more active gut.
  2. Ginger, gooseberry & turmeric are other natural immunity supplements that work wonders for your overall health.
  3. Green & leafy vegetables are one of the most effective ways to boost your immunity quickly & naturally. Eg- Broccoli & Spinach.
  4. Alternatively, you can also opt for immunity boosting health drinks that contain all the goodness of different nutrients & minerals by condensing them into one drink. Our Mirakle Drink brings to you the goodness of Liposomal Vitamin C that offers a 98% nutrient absorption rate!

Immunity-Boosting Vitamins & Minerals

Consuming Vitamins & minerals is an easy way to ensure protein intake and these pills also guarantee efficacy. Efficacy is a very important feature as it determines how much of the nutrient is actually utilized by your body. It helps give your body the desired result with ease. More the efficacy, the more beneficial a product is.

Here’s a list of some of the most potent vitamins & minerals.

1. Folic Acid

Folic Acid is the synthetic form of Folate and is often used as a food additive because of its health properties. Its sources include Avocado, Beans & Lentils. Consuming about 400mg of Folic acid daily really enhances your immune system. It also aids in healthy cell growth & function. Folic Acid is abundantly found in dark green leafy vegetables, beans & nuts. It is also found in oranges, bananas and lemons.

2. Iron

Iron helps your body carry oxygen to the cells and reinforces our immune system. You can find high iron content in foods like cereal, legumes, broccoli, bread & dried fruits like apricots. Consuming Liposomal Vitamin C while taking iron also improves the absorption rate of iron. About 15mg intake of iron is recommended daily for a healthy immune system. You can also find iron in red meat, chicken, clams & more.

3. Selenium

Selenium functions by preventing infections. Additionally, it also improves cognition & supports the immune system. The doctors advice about 40-70mg consumption of Selenium daily. You can also meet this quantity through Selenium rich food like cereals, grains and dairy products.  It is commonly found in meat & seafood.

4. Vitamin A

Vitamin A can help ward off infections and can be derived from both vegetarian & non-vegetarian sources. An average human requires about 700-900mcg of Vitamin A daily for smooth functioning. Sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, grapefruit, passion fruit and spring greens are some of the fruits & vegetables that are rich in Vitamin A.

5. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the most potent ingredient when it comes to fortifying your immune system. About 90mg of Vitamin C is recommended daily for an average adult. Vitamin C is found in abundance in fruits like Mango, Kiwi, Orange, Papaya, and more! But our body is only able to absorb a fraction of Vitamin C (namely 5% only) through these sources. However, our Mirakle Drink features Liposomal Vitamin C which is more effective and increases the absorption rate to an impressive 98%. This means that our Vitamin C is never underutilized and you always get the value for your money!

Easy tips to boost your immunity

1. Reduce processed food from your intake

Processed foods contain a lot of artificial sugar and additives which are detrimental to your health. They also contain unhealthy levels of sodium & fats which may lead to obesity, heart diseases & high blood pressure.

2. Home-cooked meals should be the way to go

Home-cooked meals are healthier in comparison as they are made from fresh vegetables. Spending a couple of hours cooking your own meals in the kitchen gives lasting results for better health.

3. Keep your body hydrated

Water is very essential and helps the body in draining out the toxins in our neural pathways. Water also contributes to a well-functioning lymphatic system which in turn supports our immune system.

4. Opt for only healthy snacks

We all crave snacks in the middle of our meals. Whether it is to appease your sweet tooth, a snack to chomp down while watching a movie, or just out of plain boredom, we have snacks for different reasons. But it’s important to make sure your snacks are healthy and don’t take a toll on your overall health. There are plenty of healthy snacks available in the market, or you could make them yourself from the comfort of your home! Kale chips, mixed nuts & Greek yogurt are some excellent examples of snacks that are great for you!

5. Get quality sleep

A good night’s sleep offers several advantages to the body – Boosted immunity being one of them. Our body goes into recovery mode when we’re sleeping and that’s when it bolsters T cells in our body to fight off infections.

6. Consume more fruits & vegetables

Fruits & vegetables are a rich source of vitamins, nutrients & minerals. They are great for your health and pack a range of diverse & addictive tastes. A diet of fruits & vegetables will give your body different benefits, including a healthier heart, leaner frame and a sharper mind.

7. Exercising Regularly

Exercise keeps the mind sharp, body active & the immune system strong. Getting sufficient exercise each day helps in alteration of antibodies and white blood cells. These white blood cells are the body’s immune system cells that help fight diseases!

It is the need of the hour to strengthen our immune system and enjoy better health. We need to stop taking our well-being for granted and need to take strong, stringent steps toward a healthier tomorrow!

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