The Art Of De-Stressing – How To Care For Your Mental Health Today?

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Mental health & its importance are doing rounds on social media. The discussion on mental health is fairly rampant and being talked about regularly day in and day out. But, have you ever wondered about what exactly mental health is and how you can attain that state of well-being?

What is Mental Health?

Mental health refers to one’s emotional, psychological & social well-being. It is an umbrella term that covers a broad range of one’s emotions & outlook on life. There is a wide range of mental disorders, each of which can shape the patient’s perspective of life usually for the worst.

Mental disorders may affect a person’s behaviour, mood and thinking. It usually causes disturbance in the patient’s thinking process, makes them feel trapped and instils a feeling of helplessness.

What causes Mental Disorders?

The next point of contention is to determine the root cause of mental illness. Did you know that mental health isn’t just a state of mind? The cause of each mental illness varies greatly. These causes include genetics, environment, brain structure & more. Biological factors and lifestyle are two of the other innumerable factors that may cause a mental disorder.

However, with that being said, the two most common health conditions are-

1. Mood Disorders

This type of disorder includes depression & bipolar personality. As the name suggests, most of the complications under mood disorders stem from difficulty in regulating one’s mood.

2. Anxiety Disorders

This type of disorder includes PTSD, OCD, Panic Attacks, and more. This type of disorder is more common than mood disorders and affects about 18% of the total population every year. Anxiety disorders make a person feel on edge at all times. They render the patient very nervous and careful.

Why is Mental Health important?

About 43.8 million people suffer from mental health issues every year. Added to that, we lose about 8 lakh people every year to suicide. These facts alone highlight the grim reality & why we need to take mental health seriously. Mental health is very important in the day-to-day activities of a person. A person of poor mental health is less motivated and enthused. This leads to a sharp drop in productivity. Patients with mental disorders are less satisfied with their lives and it becomes melancholy. It leaves them unable to socialize, develop or maintain healthy relationships with their peers or acquaintances.

A person of sound mental health copes well with the pressures and stress of life. Mental health is directly proportional to one’s happiness. It enables one to live life to the fullest. It has also been shown that mental health & physical health are connected. You need to focus on both aspects to enjoy an overall and complete state of well-being.

About 20% of adults, 50% of teenagers & 15% of children experience some sort of mental disorder every year. This staggering figure is alarming and requires immediate attention. What makes those above statistics worse is that half of those numbers go untreated.

How to improve Mental Health

Mental disorders are like a barrier that stops you from reaching your full potential. It has been found out that depression is one of the leading causes of disability and affects at least 264 million people. Severe mental disorders take away 10-20 years off one’s lifespan. Follow our tips to relieve anxiety & your mental health.

Firstly, we need to spread more awareness about this critical issue in the hopes that the stigma around it is eliminated. We need to encourage our peers to reach out, seek help and speak up whenever required. They should be reminded they always have someone willing to lend an ear and that they are not alone.

The most important step is to keep ourselves educated & updated on the importance of mental health. We need to advocate for it wherever possible. We should start treating them with respect because we never know what may be bothering them.

You can also care for your own mental health by speaking your mind and sharing the mental load with friends/close friends.

Adequate exercise, appropriate diet & ample sleep is very important to distract your mind and facilitate a faster recovery from mental disorders.

There are a few foods & drinks that contain potent ingredients which may help with one’s mental health. Vitamin C is an excellent nutrient that acts as a mood-lifter. Intaking Vitamin C regularly can help synthesize serotonin and relieve stress. One pack of our Mirakle drink can help with your mental health. It is a drink that calms anxiety. A refreshing pack of our Liposomal Vitamin C Drink can do wonders for your mental well-being.

Activities such as yoga and meditation have also been shown to have profound effects on one’s mental health. Including a deep breathing session every day is another excellent habit to improve mental health.

We should always remember that everyone has their own set of struggles and is waging a battle we know nothing about. This is why kindness is of utmost importance. Understanding mental health is important but it is meaningless if no efforts are taken to improve it!

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