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The dreaded early stages of COVID-19 are all too familiar to us now. An irritation in the throat; achiness and pain throughout the body; loss of appetite with food becoming tasteless; shortness of breath; thinking becoming fuzzy as one is engulfed with a growing sense of despair and profuse anxiety.

“I think I have COVID!” We run to get the PCR test. Positive! “Yikes, what can I do?!!” Until recently, all that could be done was to descend into morbid fear and wait, hoping against hope that this plague virus would mercifully abate. All too often, however, progression to ever-deepening respiratory and systemic symptoms has become the norm.

Now, however, four clear-cut and straightforward studies have been recently published in the Indian Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Research that set forth a safe, simple, inexpensive, and effective early intervention that can “cut the head off the viral snake” of COVID-19.

Together, the four studies point to a remarkable discovery: the COVID-19 disease, in its early stages, rapidly produces acute scurvy. The body’s reserves of vitamin C are rapidly depleted by the pathologic mechanisms of this killer virus. Instead of coming on slowly as was the case for British sailors in the 1700’s, the rapid invasion of this virus brings on severe scurvy like a freight train. This rapid evolution to acute scurvy in COVID patients promptly manifests itself into the array of symptoms noted above, along with their resistance to resolution until vitamin C levels are restored in the patients.

Although many scientists may well point to a long trail of studies that fail to show that the standard dosing of oral vitamin C is effective against viral infections, these four studies introduce a new and more powerful “vitamin C technology” that proves otherwise. These studies make it very clear that as a monotherapy or as an adjunctive agent, vitamin C substantially lessens the duration and symptom intensity of COVID infection, while also limiting and reversing COVID tissue damage.

By encapsulating vitamin C into nano-sized spheres of lipids known as liposomes, the absorption of the vitamin C from the gut skyrockets from 15-30% all the way up to 90% or better! Furthermore, once inside the body, liposomes bring the vitamin C payload directly into the cells without the expenditure of energy. Even intravenous vitamin C needs to consume energy to get inside the cells, as the vitamin C does not have the benefits of liposome-assisted intracellular access.

This allowed these researchers to give 2000mg of this optimally bioavailable vitamin C once or twice daily in a healthy juice drink. The increased absorption of the vitamin C was dramatically elevated – like that of intravenous ascorbate or IVC. While IVC is scientifically touted as a significantly more effective form of vitamin C therapy, the logistics of distribution and application in large populations makes its use quite cumbersome. Also, as noted above, liposomes, even though ingested orally, are much more efficient in boosting vitamin C levels inside the cells of the body than unencapsulated vitamin C already circulating in the bloodstream.

The new Mirakle Liposomal Vitamin C Drink promises to be a breakthrough for early stage COVID-19. By curtailing the early stages of scurvy, the virus-induced runaway train of inflammation, coagulation, and pulmonary and blood invasion…just will not happen! This strategy is one of our best new hopes for resolving this awful pandemic.

Dr.Ron Hunninghake, MD
Chairman of the Board
Riordan Wellness Clinic
Wichita, Kansas, USA

Dr.Thomas Levy, MD,JD
Riordan Wellness Clinic
Wichita, Kansas, USA

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