Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy

Intravenous administration of high-dose vitamin C over the past few years has become well known form of cancer therapy. There are many scientific studies that details how high-dose vitamin C induces pro-oxidant effects and selectively kills cancer cells. Dr Ewan Cameron and Dr Linus Pauling conducted an experiment to understand the effects of Vitamin C on people who were suffering from terminal cancer. It was found that the survival period of cancer patients who had taken Vitamin C was 4.2 times more in comparison to the ones who had not.

Another study conducted by the National Cancer Institute found plausible data that indicated ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) in pharmacologic concentrations could have an unanticipated positive role in cancer treatment. Many universities in US, China, Japan, Denmark and Canada had also conducted clinical trials and found that high-dose parenteral ascorbate (Vitamin C) enhanced chemo-sensitivity of ovarian cancer and reduced the toxicity of chemotherapy. Hence it can be safe to conclude that IVC can be considered as a safe and effective method to improve the quality of life among cancer patients.

MIRAKLE the oral Vitamin C supplement:

Vitamin C has always been an immunity booster and with MIRAKLE has been extensively to heal patients. MIRAKLE enhances the functioning of the Mitochondria by making Vitamin C, Lysine and Proline available in a proper ratio for the body within a Nano-particle wrapped with Phospholipids, which helps in building immunity of the body and aids in fight against viral infections.

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