How Much Vitamin C Does Mirakle Contain?

How Much Vitamin C Does Mirakle Contain

Mirakle is chock-full of liposomal Vitamin C, but this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Every 100ml of our drink contains adequate amounts of Liposomal Vitamin C, Lysine and Proline. These three ingredients work in close synchrony to give you enhanced physical as well as mental health. Vitamin C has been extensively researched upon to unearth its magical & remedial properties. Its antiviral, antibacterial & anti-pathogenic properties make it a much sought-after ingredient for a healthy body.

So, you might be wondering, how much Vitamin C does Mirakle have in its drinks after all?

Well, a pack of Mirakle contains 501 mg of Vitamin C in it. This is twice as much Vitamin C as in an Amla and about 16 times as much as in a Lemon. Impressive, right?

Whether it is for better immunity, clear skin, better heart health or less stress, we realized you could never go wrong with Vitamin C. It has a little something for everyone, ranging from kids to even your ailing grandparents.

The benefits of Vitamin C don’t just stop there – It also reduces the risk of chronic diseases and even gives your hair a healthy makeover! All of these advantages make Vitamin C a personal favorite of ours.

Still not convinced? Let us tell you the benefits of Vitamin C!

Why do we need Vitamin C?

The human body needs an adequate amount of vitamins & nutrients in order to function the way it was meant to. Vitamin C deficiency can cause fatal health complications, such as scurvy.

Now, you might be asking, “If Vitamin C is so important, why doesn’t the body produce it naturally?”

Wouldn’t that be so much easier?

But, as it turns out, we have evolution to blame. Ironic, isn’t it?

Some animal species, including monkeys & humans, lost their ability for Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) biosynthesis. This is how we became dependent on dietary Vitamin C.

Collagen is an important protein found in the body. It is responsible for skin elasticity & strength. Vitamin C stimulates the production of this protein which improves skin texture. Its anticoagulatory properties also help heal wounds and scars. It is the secret to a healthier, more youthful skin.

Studies have shown that Vitamin C is a great immune-booster nutrient which fortifies your immune system to keep the body ready against foreign threats. Vitamin C acts as the body’s first line of defence.

Vitamin C also plays a hand in your teeth health. It is essential to maintain a certain amount of Vitamin C in our body. Low contents of Vitamin C weakens the enamel and may cause bleeding gums.

It reduces fatigue levels & tiredness by energizing the mitochondria. Even after a long & tiring day, Vitamin C can replenish your energy levels to make you feel good as new.

Anemia is another condition that can be prevented with the right dose of Vitamin C. It brings up the iron absorption rate to almost 70%. It addresses the deficiency of red blood cells & effectively addresses anemia.

Did you know that Vitamin C can also support heart health? It lowers “Bad” (LDL) Cholesterol levels and regulates blood pressure to protect from fatal heart conditions. Its antioxidant properties guard it from damage and ward off complications.

Vitamin C is an excellent way of boosting your memory function. It achieves that by lessening oxidative damage. Vitamin C supports retention and optimizes psychological function to help you concentrate better.

In addition to the above, Vitamin C can ease joint pain by reducing inflammation. It strengthens the binding tissues and aids in tissue regeneration to reduce pain and provide relief.

Now that we know the importance of Vitamin C, how do you plan on meeting your daily dose for the same?

You might want to try our Mirakle!

Why Mirakle?

Now that we know humans can’t synthesize their own Vitamin C, it is obvious that we need to depend on external sources.

Vitamin C is not a nutrient that needs to be consumed just for the treatment of an illness or a disease. It is important to incorporate the intake of this magical Vitamin into your daily routine to make the body strong and to build your immunity so that it can maintain itself in equilibrium and overcome all diseases as and when they appear.

So, why should you pick Mirakle?

Out of all the various Vitamin C sources, what makes Mirakle the right choice for you?

15 years ago, we started the search to create a system that is wholesome and natural. That focuses on wellness and health, instead of illness and disease.

Mirakle is made with Liposomal Vitamin C, Proline, Lysine and natural mango pulp. It gives you your daily dose of Vitamin C while giving your tastebuds a delicious treat with its mango pulp! Our drinks use a liposomal delivery system to safely transport Vitamin C through the body to your cell in the most effective way. It prevents the Vitamin C from being degraded by the digestive system. This allows the body to absorb 98% of the vitamin content as compared to the regular 5% offered by other oral forms of Vitamin C.

Lysine is a type of amino acid that helps in regulating cholesterol levels. Proline aids in cellular regeneration by producing collagen, healing gut lining & repairing cartilage.

A study conducted by ESI Hospital has concluded that the recovery time of a Covid positive patient who drank 2 packs of Mirakle a day was reduced by half.

In addition to that, Mirakle has a unique patented blend to protect the body from free radical damage & oxidative damage by the environment.

Are you ready to embrace the benefits of Vitamin C and rediscover a healthier you with Mirakle?


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