75% of Indians suffer vitamin deficiency, here’s why

Nutrition is the practice of providing our body with the fuel it needs to get us through the day. It is the source of one’s physical & mental energy. Nutrition is a very important concept that has been studied in great detail over the years and always discloses newer revelations. It is impossible to overstate the importance of nutrition – It governs just about everything you do in life.

Nutrition determines how fit an individual is. Apart from physical health, nutrition also impacts one’s mental clarity and helps alleviate stress levels. It gives a gist into one’s life expectancy and provides an insight to an area’s mortality rates.

Nutrition Week starts from the 1st of September and we’re looking forward to raising awareness and stressing the importance of good nutrition. The theme for this year is “Feeding Smart Right From The Start”. It is more focused on giving children the right kind of nutrition as they are growing up to ensure they turn out healthy. Their bodies are easily influenced between the ages of 4-12, so it is of utmost importance to feed them food that’s good for their well-being.

We’ve also got a few tips for adults to better look after themselves. We want to equip you with the right kind of information so that you know how you can get adequate nutrition for yourself!

What Is Nutrition & Why Is It Important?

Nutrition is a very broad term that encapsulates lots of theories and concepts. In essence, nutrition is what we put in our bodies as food. This food, in turn, ends up shaping our physical, mental and emotional health in the long run.

In fact, there are 6 absolutely vital nutrients that enable our bodies to function properly. These are – Carbohydrates (CHO), Lipids (fats), Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, Water. These nutrients work in synchrony to optimize body function. These nutrients help in the growth of muscles, bones, hair, & skin. They also help synthesize antibodies & hormones to ensure well-rounded growth!

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A good nutritional plan is one that provides our body with every nutrient and mineral vital for its growth. There are plenty of nutrients and our body needs all of them in definite amounts.

To give you an idea, the human body contains 20 kinds of different amino acids that play a role in formulating protein. 9 out of these 20 proteins cannot be produced naturally by our body and must be ingested in the form of supplements!

The Indian population is widely considered to be malnourished and has a large section of people dealing with deficiencies of various sorts, including Vitamin A deficiency, Iron deficiency & even Iodine deficiency Mirakle has since then combatted the deficiency of vital vitamins, such as Vitamin C with its products!

A good nutritional plan supports normal growth and development. It aids in cell repair and maintenance. It is also associated with good health. Good nutrition can reduce the risk of contracting chronic diseases and is useful for both, short-term and long-term health.

As Nutrition Week 2021 is almost upon us, we have listed the benefits of eating healthy and a few nutritional snacks you will love, irrespective of your age & gender.

Nutrition is important for all your bodily processes and functions. Everything, starting from your immune system to all your vital organs, all of it requires the right dosage of nutrients for smooth functioning.

What Good Nutrition Does

Improves Well-being

Did you know that nutrition is just as important for your mental health as it is for your physical health? People with a better nutritional plan are more active and aware of their surroundings. They are less likely to experience depression or anxiety. Eat a rich diet to acquire mental clarity and tranquillity.

Boosts Immunity

The body’s immune system is its first line of defence against bacterial and viral infections. Looking after your immune system is of utmost importance. This is where nutrition steps in. A proper dose of vitamins and minerals help fortify your immune system and make it ready for action.

Elevates Mood

Low levels of nutrients are directly related to stress. Carbohydrates is one nutrient that has great mood-boosting effects. Remember to give your body a reasonable supply of iron & omega-3 fatty acids to help put your body in a good mood.

Increases Life Expectancy

Eating right is the key to increasing one’s life expectancy, not eating more. It’s imperative for us to avoid processed foods like the plague and switch to a more nutritious diet instead.

Our bodies need food to survive and be healthy, but processed foods can make you feel sluggish instead. They may leave you exhausted and weak, so now you know you have to clear out your cupboard and switch it for something healthier.

Gives Clearer, More Radiant Skin

Your blood is the engine oil that makes sure everything is operating smoothly. It carries nutrients to different parts of the body. If these nutrients aren’t received by your body, this is reflected in the form of pimples, acne, eczema and even psoriasis. These skin conditions are indicators that your body isn’t getting sufficient nutrition. A clear skin is one that’s well-fed with the right nutrients, so don’t miss out on your veggies & fruits!

Malnourishment is characterized as the condition when our body doesn’t get enough nutrients in the system. These nutrients can be anything, from Vitamins to minerals like Calcium, Iron, and much more. The consequences of such a poor diet can be pretty dire and malnourishment prevents an individual from ever reaching his/her potential.

Malnourishment causes stunted growth. Population suffering from malnutrition aren’t healthy physically, emotionally or mentally. It obviously leads to serious health conditions, such as eye problems, diabetes and heart disease. It also causes Marasmus, Kwashiorkor, and Anaemia, to name a few other fatal conditions.

Getting Adequate Nutrition

Achieving adequate nutrition does not mean eating more. In fact, you need to eat smart to unlock maximum health potential and nutritional benefits. Aim to cut down the consumption of foods rich in fat, salt, and energy while increasing intake of complex carbohydrates and dietary fibre which really benefit your body. Additionally, you can fortify your diet through tested & trusted supplements. You can’t always rely on green, leafy vegetables & citrus fruits as they tend to not offer more than 5% nutrient absorption. You can compensate for this shortcoming with other reliable means.

Who doesn’t love snack time?

Many people think eating clean means they have to give up on all snacks completely, but that’s absolutely absurd! Smart snacking is a technique with which you can ditch fats & sugar for a healthier, but equally yummy alternative. You don’t have to put a leash on yourself to enjoy snacktime!

We love our snacks and we encourage others to enjoy them too. There are plenty of healthy snacks available in the market. Don’t believe us? Check this list out!

Some Popular Healthy Snacks

1.  Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds are filled with fibre, fat & protein which are all great for you. You can either have them alone or with toast, yoghurt or oatmeal!

2.  Oatmeal

Even though it is widely used as a breakfast favourite, Oatmeal is also a brilliant snack that you can munch on at any time. Oatmeals are gluten-free and an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants which are great for losing weight, strengthening the heart and regulating cholesterol.

3.  Dry Fruit

It doesn’t get any more nutritious than dried fruits. It is tasty, healthy and can be taken any time you feel snackish. Their high content of minerals, protein, fiber & vitamins help reenergize your body and keep you fit.

4.  Nuts & Seed Butter

These are a very popular choice among people and for a very good reason. They are absolutely delicious and filled with proteins! You can pair it up with certain fruits like apples & bananas, or eat it as a midday snack! They help regulate fat and do not contain as many allergens.

5.   Crunchy Tuna Wraps

We can combine leafy greens with healthy proteins to come up with a truly nutritious snack that even your kids will love! Crunchy tuna wraps are good for a child’s well-being and they are yummy as well!

6.  Roasted Veggies Quesadillas

Give your child every vegetable that is beneficial for their health in the form of a delicious quesadilla. Eating veggies has never been this rewarding before!

7.  Mirakle

Mirakle is another excellent example of a healthy snack. It provides the body with the Vitamin C it requires with its effective liposomal delivery technique. It also tastes amazing because of its natural mango pulp that makes it popular among kids & adults alike!

These were the few questions pertaining to nutrition & its importance. We’ve just barely scratched the surface. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on nutrition by us!

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