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Best COVID Recovery Practices & Importance Of Diet

Intake right food for covid recovery - Mirakle

The second wave of the Coronavirus has sent shockwaves across our country. It’s truly a sombering situation and there’s a lot of widespread negativity & chaos around us. If you or a loved one has been infected by the Coronavirus and are home-quarantined, we’ve compiled valuable information for you to hasten your recovery process and […]

How Vitamin C Boosts Immunity And Helps Fight The Virus

How Vitamin C Boosts Immunity And Helps Fight The Virus - Mirakle

Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin widely renowned for its role in boosting immunity and keeping you healthy. Apart from supporting your health, Vitamin C helps heal wounds, repair and maintain healthy bones, teeth and cartilage. The powerful antioxidant also keeps the skin looking youthful & glowy by fighting free radicals. So, […]

Scurvy in Times of COVID – Treat with Vitamin C

All you should know about Vitamin C - Mirakle

The dreaded early stages of COVID-19 are all too familiar to us now. An irritation in the throat; achiness and pain throughout the body; loss of appetite with food becoming tasteless; shortness of breath; thinking becoming fuzzy as one is engulfed with a growing sense of despair and profuse anxiety. “I think I have COVID!” […]